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Some information for candidates

+ You can apply directly at:
+ Select the job you want to work for, then press the apply button
You can completely reapply. Please send your CV to Talent Acquisition team or apply online for the earliest response.
You can apply for as many positions as you like if you feel you are qualified at those.
You just need to fill the application form as per the instructions.
You will be contacted by Talent Acquisition team after about 3-5 working days. If the Talent Acquisition team does not contact you for 5 days, maybe we do not find a match between your credentials and the job requirements. Human Resources Department still saves your application for other positions. Thank you for your interest jobs at TH, hope we have opportunity to work together!
We currently have the positions that do not require any degree. You can read the job description carefully and apply for the suitable position(s).
We accept application from both channels. We encourage you to apply on the company's website so that Talent Acquisition team can follow up and respond more quickly.
You will receive an invitation to interview by email/phone. You can contact Talent Acquisition team via email / phone number for support!
The company carries out online interview in case the candidate is not near the office /company, or other force majeure circumstances.
If you do not have an appointment, Talent Acquisition team will not be able to arrange to interview.
It depends on the position you are applying for. There usually will be 02 interview rounds:
+ Round 1: Talent Acquisition team
+ Round 2: Hiring Manager
Talent Acquisition team will inform you about the interview results after 3-5 working days from the date of your interview.
You can easily contact the Talent Acquisition team via:
+ Text a message on the Messenger app on this website.
+ Social networking sites: Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube and text us a message.
+ Contact us directly by emailing us to or calling our hotline 1800 54 54 60.